Koastline Services provides Sales & Marketing & Support to the Hospitality sector and related businesses in coastal areas. Many small and medium sized companies in the hospitality sector tend to work with either a small Sales & Marketing budget or none at all. In order to make an impact and to get noticed in the market place it is crucial and highly recommended to spend some time and have a budget available for Sales & Marketing. Visibility and continuity are the key!  

So if you are 

Too busy & don't have the time for Sales & Marketing?  
Not sure about Sales & Marketing?    
Looking for someone to kick-start your Sales & Marketing plan and implement it?
Searching for local Sales & Marketing support, on a short term or ad-hoc basis?

Contact me! 

Many things can be done on a small budget.  

Contact: Estelle Deerenberg  

Phone:   07905 518484

 Email:   info@koastlineservices.com  or  edeerenberg@hotmail.com

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